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Model 4VCDP

4" Solids Handling Enclosed Impeller

The 4VCDP submersible dry pit wastewater pumps are a heavy-duty 4" non-clog series capable of passing a full 3 3/16" spherical solid. Myers rounded port, 2 vane, enclosed impellers prevent solids from binding or clogging and offer high operating efficiencies to cut your pumping costs. The 4VCDP series modified constant velocity volute case provides smooth operation over an extended portion of the performance curve for long seal and bearing life. For use in municipal and industrial waste applications.

Key Features
  • Capacities To 1800 gpm (113.4 l/s)
  • Pressure To  165 ft. of head (50.3 m)
  • Solids Handling 3 3/16 in. (80 mm)
  • Liquids Handling
    -- raw unscreened sewage, effluent, storm water
  • Intermittent Liquid Temp. up to 140°F (up to 60°C)
  • Winding Insulation Temp. (Class H) 365°F (180°C)
  • Available Motors 
    -- 1750 RPM: 15 HP, 200/230/460/575V, 3Ø, 60 Hz, 20-60 hp, 230/460/575V, 3Ø, 60 Hz 
    -- 1150 RPM: 5-20 HP, 200/230/460/575V, 3Ø 60 Hz 
    -- 870 RPM: 2-71/2 HP, 200/230/460/575V, 3Ø, 60 Hz
  • Std. Third Party Approvals CSA(pending) 
  • Optional Approvals FM Class 1, Groups C & D (pending- 4VCXDP only)
  • Acceptable pH Range 6 – 9
  • Specific Gravity .9 – 1.1
  • Viscosity 28 – 35 SSU
  • Discharge, Horizontal 4 in. (101.6 mm)
  • Flanged Centerline 125 lb. ANSI


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